About Cecilia’s

Cecilia’s, Breckenridge’s first martini and cigar bar has gained notoriety for serving the finest martinis and craft cocktails since 1996. Though the days of aged cigars wafting their aromatic smoke through the bar have gone the way of the wind, Cecilia’s has diligently maintained their well-stocked walk-in humidor and has a beautiful patio on which one may still smoke. With three unique bar areas, Cecilia’s captures just the right balance between intimacy and excitement. The front room features a beautiful hand carved bar that shelves an unrivaled collection of single malt scotch. This room is Cecilia’s most intimate space with seating for both groups and couples and is suitable for spirited conversation and mingling. This room is also home to Cecilia’s large walk-in humidor. The second room, the Walrus Room, is home to everyone’s favorite, Charles the Walrus, and is divided by the tunnel that leads to the third room. The Walrus room is perfect for relaxing in the early evening yet heats up with the energy of the crowd as the night progresses. The third, and largest room is the dance bar at Cecilia’s. This room is where Cecilia’s late night, rowdy-fun, reputation was fostered. It is also home to Breckenridge’s largest dance floor and our infamous dance pole. There is a beautiful video wall that spans almost the entire room, in addition to a number of screens playing amazing video and visual content. We offer bottle service all of our tall tables and booths.